Megan Piper Sexy Striptease

Number of View: 2007

Megan Piper is hanging out in the kitchen and she looks good enough to eat! This nineteen year old American beauty is definitely looking extra sexy today in red lacey boy short panties and a matching red and white striped top. "Very patriotic, right?" Megan laughs as she pulls her top up to reveal first, her flat stomach with washboard abs and then a gorgeous set of full, perky tits that make her body look super banging. "I guess all those hours of working out has paid off." Megan says, admiring her own hot body in the reflection of the oven. I would have to agree with her. Anyone else? Thought so. Megan runs her hands over her flat tummy and slides them into her red panties, making every guy on the set drool and beg for more.

Megan slowly slid the panties all the way down her nice legs, kicked them aside, and then opened up those nice legs for us to get a nice view of her sexy shaved pussy. She rubbed her hands down her smooth, toned legs in a very erotic way. She was barefoot and even her feet were sexy. "Want to see me to hop up on this counter?" Megan asked with a little wink. Silly question. Before waiting for an answer, Megan pulled herself up onto the counter and started striking a series of different super sexy poses, including doggy style, where she looked damn hot, sticking that nice ass up in the air. This girl really knows how to work it, guys!

Megan hopped off the counter with ease and positioned her ass toward the camera. Then she lifted one of her legs up and rested it on the counter, spreading herself open wide so we could see everything. "Did I mention I’m also flexible?" Megan said with another naughty laugh. Damn! Am I the only one imagining what it would be like to fuck this hottie? See more of Megan Piper at!